Kindergarten Teacher, Glasgow, Scotland

Dora’s care, professionalism, knowledge and dedication as a Personal Trainer shines brightly every time I see her.

I have never had a personal trainer before Dora, so when I contacted Dora’s gym looking for a trainer back in summer 2017 I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dora got in touch straightaway and began to ask me various questions related to my current lifestyle and fitness goals. I loved sports growing up, and even my first university degree was in sports and fitness, however since moving to Croatia my fitness levels dropped and my weight began to creep up, and in the end, the only active part of my day was when I was working as a Kindergarten Teacher.

My goals with Dora are to get fit, and to learn how to weight train safely and effectively. Dora started me off slow, and made sure that every move I performed was carried out safely and always under her supervision. She clearly explained all the components of each exercise, and her vast knowledge of human anatomy paired with her extensive experience of weight training gave me a lot of confidence in her.

Training sessions with Dora are a great break between my work and home. I can sometimes get distracted when lifting weights by thinking of all the things I need to do, however Dora never gets tired (I hope) of correcting my form, and keeping me focused and on task. She senses what days to challenge me and what days to take things a little slower. Dora has taught me a lot and I am sure will continue learn more. From all of the different exercises we do, from machines, to free weights, to floor exercises, I would say that my favourite lift at the moment is the Deadlift. And that is something I would have never have dreamed of saying 6 months ago.

Dora goes above and beyond for her clients. She has provided me with various different training programmes to complete when I am not training with her, and before she gives me these programmes she models and explains each exercise.  In addition to this, she has also written up a nutrition plan to suit my goals, and she has done all of this in perfect English.

Over the past few months, since I started training with Dora my level of motivation and dedication has fluctuated, however Dora has not given up on me, and so neither have I. Dora thank you for believing in me, and I hope that 2018 will be a stronger year!