Fitti mit Dora by EVA, Cologne, Germany

In spring 2018 I approached Dora because I was missing structure for my training. Despite going to the gym more or less regularly, I noticed no progress and noticed my motivation was decreasing.

My goals to tone and build some muscle and endurance seemed unreachable at that point.

I never had a personal trainer before Dora. From my home country, I was used to having trainers at the gym, who introduced me to machines and exercises, created a workout plan for me and whom I could consult for monitoring my progress.

On our first session, Dora evaluated my physique and my lifestyle, including exercise habits and nutrition. We found a lot to fix there.

During training with Dora I started to build more confidence at the gym and with exercises because Dora showed me how to train safely and efficiently without risking to injure myself.  She closely watches my posture and encourages me to push to the edge and not stop halfway during my exercises.

So far Dora has helped me to get in my best shape ever. A goal, which I never imagined I could reach.